Fixing Feedback


Everything you need to fix feedback is brought together into one powerful package. Fixing Feedback is a common sense, plain English guidebook to that most important of interactions – the feedback conversation.  Georgia Murch shows us why they are important, the evidence about what works, how to approach them and how to find your flow to a high-performance workplace.



Fixing Feedback is not just another management book — it’s a smart, refreshing, practical guide to feedback in the workplace. Everyone already knows how important feedback is, and we all know we should be giving it and receiving it regularly — yet we still do it poorly or avoid it entirely. This book shows you how to do it right.

You’ll learn what exactly constitutes useful feedback, how to deliver it effectively, how to receive it gracefully and how to use it to strengthen yourself, your team and your business. You’ll learn critical communication skills that you can put into practice today, self-assess your personal communication style and gauge the impact it has on those around you and build pragmatic tools to prepare well and manage emotions when they go south.

The way you communicate dictates how you build relationships and make decisions. It’s the difference between being remarkable and being a d!ck.

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