Forgive Your Damn Self


So much gets in the way of accepting who we are in all our light and dark. When we resist this, it creates unwelcome friction and tension. Not just for you but those around you.

Forgive Your Damn Self is a workbook that helps you process your thinking and decide what to do about it. It is the shorter version and companion book to Flawsome. It allows you to diagnose what gets in the way of you accepting your whole self and allows you to start the everlasting journey of transforming into who you were born to be. Not what society says you should be.

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At work and at home, many of us are seeking perfection.  We think we must be busy to be effective, never fail or slack in our mission for maximum productivity, and, most of all, be above reproach.  Unfortunately, all too often this ambitious mindset backfires. The fears of our own imperfections drive us to overcommit, hide behind people-pleasing habits, and wallow in impostor syndrome.

We reveal how you can embrace all of yourself, not in spite of your flaws but because of them! With a growth mindset and much less fear, you can embrace feedback of all kinds, become empowered through more positive self-talk, and achieve far more personally and professionally.

Forgive Your Damn Self will help you;

Combat imposter syndrome, stop chasing perfection, and embrace your talents―flaws and all.

By becoming your biggest supporter instead of critic, you'll:

  • Become more self-aware of your impact on yourself and others in every day moments...
  • Identify the things that trigger you and hold you back from learning and growing...
  • Learn to hold the space to evolve as a person and know it's in the small moments that real achievement happens!

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