Quantity matters – when you catch up with your people

Now let’s make this super simple.  There are two things you need to know to make your catch ups what I call ‘Kick Ass’.  The quality and quantity matter.

So how much is the right amount?  It might sound crazy but we just need to ask our people what they want – weekly, fortnightly or monthly? None at all – is not an option I’m endorsing.

Whilst it’s not black and white, when our people don’t want to catch up with us regularly it could mean a few things;

  • they are not interested in improving (you won’t know this unless you ask)
  • they are so busy they don’t have time (which is sign that they need more support) or worst case scenario;
  • we are not adding enough value

When we do them well enough – they make a considerable difference.

In 2016 Deloitte made a big change.  Through employee surveys, and looking at their data, they knew that their performance appraisal process was not getting the return, based on the time and money they spent.  People weren’t improving and engagement was dropping. So they looked for bold ideas and strategies to improve how they engaged their people. And they did something radical.

They decided to change their performance review process to a regular check in culture. To have more conversations, more often. They didn’t just change the systems, they really invested in teaching, coaching and growing their Managers to deliver high caliber catch ups. And they gave people the autonomy to choose how often they wanted to have these high impact, informal conversations.  This was about the quantity.

With over a quarter of a million employees this was not a small project.  This was big.  Alex Bashinksy, their global HRD, was the mastermind behind this global initiative.  And the results were compelling.

After the first 6 months, from dropping the once a year performance appraisals, and moving to a ‘check in’ culture, engagement rose.  And the really interesting component was that the more they had them, the higher engagement grew.

whoaNow that’s amazing! The data is telling us that when the check ins are done more regularly, and Managers and trained on how to do them well, people feel more connected to their manager, their workplace and their role.

How often you do it counts!

So go and ask your people now; How often do you want to catch up and what do you want to do it more regularly?  Then be prepared to listen to the answer.

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