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Monday, 05 February 2018 03:16

Do you intend to embed feedback into your everyday? Or just hope?

In the The War of Art, Steven Pressfield creates a super compelling read that explains what resistance is and how it is the enemy. Pressfield tells us that resistance is invisible. It cannot be seen, touched, heard or smelt. It is invisible but its effects are measurable. It’s a repelling force. It propels us away from reaching our goals, our potential, our calling.

Resistance plays for keeps. When we fight it, there is little time-out or half-time breaks. It just keeps going. It comes in many forms.

  • ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’
  • ‘I’ll get it to when I feel better’
  • ‘I’ll action it when I’m closer to my potential’
  • ‘I’ll deliver it when it’s perfect’

Resistance is anything that holds you back from being who you are, doing what you are called to do, being the person and leader you want to be. While you might not be able to name it directly, it’s getting in the way. So get angry, get annoyed: it’s holding you back and it doesn’t belong.

Resistance tells me that I am not pretty enough, that I can’t write the book, that I am scaring my children, that I will never have a partner, that I offend people easily. And you know what? Sometimes I feed this and go down a terrible path.

Bodybuilders get stronger when they do resistance training. Writers finish a book only if they keep typing on the computer. Children learn to read when they keep looking at the words. Programmers only write better code when they choose to keep going, and going, and going. If you give in, you get nothing.

If nothing else, use resistance to learn from. The Dalai Lama tells us that, ‘The enemy is a very good teacher’. In the case of resistance, he is right.


There will be things that hold you back from becoming a culture maker. If you understand what traps you fall into, when you fall back into old habits that don’t serve you, then you can choose, yes choose, the path you want to take from hereon. We are not looking for perfection.

Remember my good friend Peter Cook? His meditation teacher Maharishi Krishnananda Ishaya says, 'Being 99% committed is hard, being 100% committed is easy'. This always resonates with me. We are still sitting in the indecision tug of war. We are on the wrong side of the decision.

Decision making is black and white. Have you made a decision to create a feedback culture? Yes or no? Are you in or out? Anything else is a dilemma.

If you only hope to create a feedback culture in your team or business then don’t waste your money.  Hope is not enough.  If you want to create a game changing culture and you’re prepared to do the work… get a copy of ‘Feedback Flow: The Ultimate Illustrated Guide to Embed Change in 90 Days’ and/or contact us to find out more.

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