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Monday, 02 July 2018 05:30

Does your intention meet your impact?

I just bought a packet of tamari almonds because I made an assumption that tamari and almonds are good for you and their brand has a good ‘healthy’ reputation. That got me thinking. Just because their brand is good…does it mean the almonds are good?

The ACCC had to enforce that Sanitarium remove false claims of ‘healthy’ cereals and snacks. Many people believed them because their brand had a good reputation. But it’s not just food companies that make promises that might not be true.

Companies make promises about being values based. They say they value honesty and integrity but do their day to day interactions honour these?

Leaders make promises about having their people’s backs but do they really when those people are not in the room?

Individuals make promises about not sharing people’s secrets but are they really the vault they said they would be?

I don’t think companies, leaders or people intend to break promises. Well I choose to believe in positive intentions as that’s a better rudder to connect with people than the opposite.

I don’t think people intent to hurt others. But we do. Having good intentions are really important. But it’s not enough. Backing them up with your actions is key. When we do both we bleed integrity - doing the right thing when no one is looking.

We can’t stand behind intention all the time. Sometimes we have to be more than that and let our actions dictate our impact.

For many years I was told that I can intimidate people. I was often surprised by this as my intention was the opposite. Yet when I really reflected, I could see there were things that I could do to make it easier for people to connect with me. I needed to own my impact, as much as I could. Otherwise we all walk around saying everyone else needs to change and we never do the work ourselves.

Do you own your impact?

Last modified on Tuesday, 03 July 2018 07:26

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