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Monday, 31 July 2017 06:47

It doesn’t need to be that awkward

The funniest thing just happened on the weekend.  I was having a delicious breakfast at one of my favourite Melbourne cafes, Hannah, in St Kilda.  Do yourself a favour.  The green breakfast salad is just delish!   And then nature calls.  So off I trot to the ladies. 

As I am sitting there, contemplating life and the super cool décor in the toilet, I have this thought; ‘Did I lock the door?’.  With my pants around my ankles, before I can do anything about it, the door swings wide open, I lock eyes with this lady and then both of us, completely surprised and shocked, scream out “Ooooooo”.  Then in speedy Gonzales style, she slams the door shut.

Her face of complete shock, no actually horror, is so hilarious that I can’t stop laughing.  I can still recall it now.  So, I just kept sitting there, laughing.  I actually can’t stop.

Then I can hear her getting the giggles too.  Both of us have now lost it.  I yell out; “Your face!  OMG your face was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen”.

Now I think to myself; This could have been so super awkward.  For both or even one of us.  Yet there is no need to make things worse than they are.  We have a choice about whether we ‘play light’ in life.  Or not. Getting the giggles helped us ‘play light’.

People know when things are uncomfortable.  Let’s not hide in the hope that no one notices.  They do.  Just say it!  #awkward

When it comes to the difficult moments or conversations that happen in life and at work, how much do you contribute to making them easier or heavier?  One of the things I have noticed about people that others are drawn to, is their ability to not get drawn into drama or seriousness.  They stay playful, curious, light, open and warm.  They chose not to get drawn into awkward and heavy.  These people are easy to have conversations with, about almost anything.

The morale of the story?  Don’t get too ‘Captain Serious’ when you don’t need to.  Oh, and lock the toilet door.  Prevention is a better cure they say ;-)

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