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Monday, 06 August 2018 00:32

It’s GAME ON for our online program – ‘Kick Ass Catch Ups’

Performance reviews are not driving performance.  We know this. Ken Blanchard’s Perspectives;  ‘Are Employees’ Needs Being Met by One on Ones?’, tells us that 89% of people wanting to meet with their Manager more often.  Their expectations are that these catch ups will add value to their performance and career.  Yet many are not. 

But…too many managers think that ‘task is key’ and the 1 on 1’s become a checklist conversation. Or they fall into the trap of blaming time as the reason they don’t catch up enough.  For many managers the real issue is they just don’t know how to get the best from their people.

The bottom line is that too many people are ‘checking out’ of our ‘check ins’.

It’s a no brainer that we need to move our catch ups UP the ladder, improve our ability to lead and how we spend time with our team.


Kick Ass Ladder Model


Being able to run Kick Ass Catch Ups increases performance and engagement tenfold, for your people and for you, the manager.

If you lead people or projects and want to make every interaction with your people count, whether it’s 3 minutes or 30, then we need to make these catch ups count. 

It’s easier than we think.

Well the good news is – there is a solution. Our new ‘Kick Ass Catch Ups' online program will show you how. Your gig is turning it into action.

Enrol now or book me to come and speak to your leaders.

First 20 students to enrol in the online program will receive a FREE iTunes e-book copy of my latest book Feedback Flow

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