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Monday, 29 January 2018 04:42

**News flash!** ‘Feedback Flow’ is GO! Featured

OK here it is in my hot little hands.  And man, I gotta say… I love it!  Kelly Irving is one amazing Editor.

If you are not a reader – it’s an illustrated journey, by the very talented Guy Downes, to creating feedback cultures so there’s a strong chance you’ll get to the end.

If you are an impatient learner – so am I.  This book gets to the point quickly and gives you pragmatic solutions.  Ellie Schroeder made it look visually fabulous!

If you don’t know how to embed a culture… fast. Then this will give you the answers.

Get yourself a copy by ordering here.  You’d be crazy not to!

And if you’re not convinced, check out what these incredible leaders have to say about it.  So, it’s not just me banging on about it now.  There are others too ;-)

Georgia Testimonial1

Georgia Testimonial3

Georgia Testimonial4

Georgia Testimonial6


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