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Monday, 12 November 2018 00:38

Take the test! Do you facilitate ‘Kick Ass’ Catch Up’s with your people?

Whether you are new to leading people, or been doing it for a while, it’s not new that your people want more quality catch ups.  Yet the problem is that too many people are checking out of their checks in. They are usually task focused conversations, at best. Or they just end up get cancelled and there’s nothing at all.

We can do better. But most of us just don’t know how.  Or we are too busy in meetings about meetings or juggling resources and customers. You’re not alone.

If you want to set a sense of where you need to focus to improve your time with your people - take this short quiz. It will help you see where you think you are going well and what you may need to improve to facilitate ‘Kick Ass Catch Ups’.

Once you have the results, you will have a radar of where your strengths lie and where your focus could be stronger.  The ideal (although it’s impossible, unless you’re a perfect human) is to have an even circle - as large as possible.

When your radar results are closer to the centre of the circle – you have more to learn.  When they are closer to the edge – your own judgement tells you you’re better in this area.

Quiz Instructions

  1. Click HERE - File in Excel or in Google Sheets
  2. Answer 9 simple questions
  3. Scroll down to see your results

If you’ve decided you want to create more consistent and top quality ‘kick ass’ catch ups with your people then we’d love you to join our free webinar;

How to facilitate ‘Kick Ass Catch Ups’ or go to our website to learn more about our online program.

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