Task is not King!

Are you a task focused leader?  I can be.

These people focus on getting the necessary things done, to meet goals, step by step.  We will be all about the structure, the process and who needs to do what. We can be quite tunnel visioned and it can come across as quite transactional. I can hear Niki and Justine (who support our business) right now;  “Yes G you can be.”  I hear you girls!

It’s like viewing life through a telescope.  You can only see a section at a time and not the full picture.

It’s not all bad.  But it’s not a good thing if that’s your only style.  We are doers.  We get shit done!  But if we don’t pop our head up and think about the people around us and what they need and build relationships with them… we are limiting ourselves and them.

One of the mistakes that task orientated people make when they catch up with others is have ‘check list’ conversations.  That is, they don’t think outside what is in front of them.  They miss opportunities to talk about the bigger picture. Often the things that really engage our people.

We don’t talk about career and development.  We don’t focus on relationships and how we improve those.  We don’t give and receive the feedback we need to grow and be better.  We miss the bush fires because we are busy putting out the sport fires in the front of us.

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