The ‘great resignation’ has happened to us at Can We Talk – we are hiring!

It used to be the war for talent, then we pivoted all over the place and now we are predicting mass employee resignations. I’m of the mindset that these waves of change are our constant and the best organisations learn from them and grow better as a result.

With one of our VIP’s flying the coop we could say it’s part of the great resignation – or not. We are super happy our Program Manager has decided to follow her dream and change career paths. Now that is cool! When anyone makes a decision to follow their heart, their dreams and make choices that serve them – I think that’s an awesome call.

With up to 40% of our workforce leaving current employers not all of them will be leaving because of your culture or leadership. It could be they have made life choices about how they want to live and work differently.

So if your people are leaving, learn why. Conduct significant exit interviews where people feel they can be really honest. If there is something you could have done to keep them in the role, then own that. If not, move on. Let them be free and wish them well.

My old boss Paul Jury always used to tell me to celebrate people on the way out. Especially if they are moving to something better. The ‘something better’ is not our call – it’s theirs.

So we have an awesome role available. It’s the glue that keeps both and running smoothly. If you are, or know someone, who is a legend and can juggle lots of balls, loves being tech support as much as they love running projects – then we want to know them.

They can find out about the role and apply here. Go on – help us find our next awesome person. We really appreciate it!

PS – If you loved this then you might just be super keen to learn about our kickarse culture program ‘Working as One’. Send me a note if you’d like to have a chat.