The snakes and ladders of communication: The top 10 blockers

When it comes to conversations and collaborating with others it can sometimes feel like two steps forward and four steps back.  Then other days you are climbing the ladder in leaps and bounds; building great relationships and making the most impressive decisions through collaborating with others.

I imagine many of you can resonate with the type of conversations that start out calm.  You’re just trying to put your point across and then it escalates, seemingly out of nowhere, into a verbal slinging match.  Or a stalemate of not wanting to speak and just wanting to run.  Whilst we might start out with good intentions, either our ‘self management’ or the others person’s does not make things easy.  In fact, it makes the conversation just plain difficult.

When we leave communication to chance it’s like playing a game of snakes and ladders.  Relying on luck when rolling the dice and no use of skill and techniques.  It doesn’t have to be that way.

Remarkable conversations are an art.  But a much more easily learnt skill than you think.  There are many ‘snake’ traps along the way that keep us from winning in communication.  These are the top 10 blockers that get in the way.

  1. Have ‘yoursations’ not conversations
  2. There is little search for the ‘real truth’
  3. Need to be right
  4. Fail to notice when others are not safe in the conversation
  5. Don’t highlight the real issue
  6. Let the ‘Board of Directors’ do the thinking
  7. Take others at face value
  8. Lead with opinions and feelings, not facts
  9. Use ‘honesty’ as an excuse to verbally assassinate
  10. Don’t self manage in the moment

Download the The 10 most common blocks to remarkable communication to understand more behind these blockers or contact Georgia Murch to learn how to improve communication in your team and organisation.