This is that blog

If there is one blog to read. It’s this one! It has a solution for you.

There are a lot of people in pain right now. Their workload is creating overwhelm, leaders are not getting enough quality time with their direct reports or vice versa and managing thinking patterns is exacerbating anxiety. We need a pit stop to deal with these.

It’s time to solve your problems. And do it face to face!

Did you say face to face? Hell yeah. It’s time to connect with people in person, learn some amazing content and feel better and lighter as a result.

So we have created a festival of learning just for you. Bite sized chunks of short online experiences and face to face ½ day workshops to get stuck into making things easier for ourselves and those people around us.

These are the workshops below, you can find out more and book in here

1. Managing overwhelm at work

Taming the chaos of your workload and your life

2. The Board of Directors that live in your head

Improving relationships and decisions through better thinking patterns

3. Having kickarse catch ups

Creating awesome 1on1’s that make a difference

The ½ day workshops are face to face in Melbourne CBD – all the deets are on the website

We have limited seats so it’s first in, best dressed (what the heck does that mean anyway?). The online sessions the more the merrier so bring along a workmate.  Register here.

They’re going to be awesome learning and connecting experiences!