Try and disappoint someone this year. Go on.

Late last year we made some decisions about how we wanted to enter 2022. We looked at our plans for work, money, relationships and wellbeing.

When we looked at our goals, under each of those 4 headings, we decided there were some that were more important than others. The ones we found ourselves prioritising fell into the wellbeing space. The space dedicated to our health and happiness.

I reckon when it comes to the best decisions for 2022 it is to prioritise YOU. Yep you. Above all. Because when we are well, it reflects on our team, our families and our friends. We show up better. And that’s good for everyone. Focusing on making others happy is a never ending merry go round that will end up spinning you out.

I’m with Glennon Doyle, author of Untamed when she says: If you have a choice of disappointing yourself or someone else. Pick someone else. You can’t live for others. That’s their job.

I don’t believe in new year’s resolutions. I believe in real time habits. But it’s interesting to look at any of us who decided we wanted to try something new, be something better for this year. And now that we are 2 months in it’s time to ask yourself; Where can I afford to put myself and my own well-being first?

Just one question. 

Create the space for it. It’s important. You’re important. Be unapologetic about that.