What’s the one secret to having tough conversations?

OK, are you ready?  This is important. 

Well, there isn’t one secret. They are tough. But we can learn one thing to improve our state when we are in them.  And set the conversation up to reduce the emotional reactions of others. 

It’s to get our words good enough. Yes it’s to make sure we are coming from a good enough place with our intent. And if you really want to hold onto something that will keep you accountable. It’s knowing that;

How people treat you is a measure of their character.

How you respond is a measure of yours.

Blaming another person for their outbursts, tears or passive aggressive or plain aggressive reactions won’t get you anywhere. If anything, it will get you stuck. 

Avoiding a conversation to avoid the emotional reaction is also not going to help. The issue won’t go away. At best it will stay the same. At best.

If you want to fight and defend and attack – that won’t help.

If you want to flight and retreat and hide – that won’t help either.

Fighters need to replace being right, with being curious.

Flighters need to replace an exit strategy, with an entry one.

Well clearly there is more than one thing. But I got you curious enough to read it all, right?!

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