When can you cancel a catch up with your team?

#3 Kickarse catch up series

If helping our team members be successful is part of our role then I think creating intentional time with them is a pretty important way to spend our time. Therefore, committing to regular and purposeful catch ups is a no brainer.

So when is it ok to deviate from the time we have scheduled? I’ll keep this pretty simple. When they are sick or you are. When there is a crisis. Yep that’s pretty much it.

It’s like a soccer coach not turning up to practice. A parent not picking up a kid from school. A partner not showing up to dinner. Or a teacher not rocking up to class. 

If we cancel these meetings we are sending a message that something is more important than their success. Leading is not about meetings. It’s about people. If we want the gig then we need to prioritise them.

Do you think the 1on1s you’re having with your team could be better? And do you want to learn how to make them kickarse? 

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