When is it helpful to mind their business?

Ever been driving and your passenger has some really really great advice for you, about how to drive, turns to take and even when to indicate? Don’t you just wish you had an ejection button for them like they have in Top Gun? How good were those flight scenes by the way? I digress.

So when is it helpful to be the passenger in someone else’s life and give them your really really great advice? For how they are progressing, for what decisions they should make or even how they could communicate better.

Hmmmm. I’m stuck between a rock and hard place here. If I tell you the answer – I now become the passenger driving your car.  

If you are Byron Katie (Author of The Work) you would suggest there’s 3 types of businesses we can become aware of:

  1. Your business (the things you can change and impact)
  2. Their business (the things others can change and impact)
  3. God’s business (the things out of our control – whether you believe in a higher purpose or not)

So when is it appropriate to intervene? To support, to guide and offer your wisdom.

When they ask.
When they don’t know what they are doing. 
When they are in danger.

An experiment you could run to help them work out the answer to their problems is asking them questions. Instead of telling them the answers.  Or not. Up to you. I wouldn’t want to be in your business.

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