Who are the ‘Board of Directors’ that live in your head?

#1 ‘Board of Directors’ that live in your head

Have you ever wondered why people react so differently to the same experiences? Or why we argue so much it feels like ‘opinion tennis’? You say tomatoe, I say tomato kind of thing.  That’s because how we interpret and receive information is unique to each person. It’s also why we can become frustrated when people don’t see things as we do. Which is code for; ‘I am right and they are wrong’. 

The human mind is complex and very powerful. It can tell us what is good, and what is not. What is missing and what is amazing. It can also convince us of something that isn’t necessarily true. 

Have you ever sat back and witnessed a new strategy or idea being presented to a group of people? One person might think it’s great, another might see all the flaws. Another could blame the presenter for poor delivery and lack of engagement, while someone else might compare the presentation to one they went to last week and suggest it was brilliant. So many perspectives, all in the same experience.

Dr. Aaron Beck in the 1960s was the first to name these different reactions to information, situations, or people as ‘Cognitive Distortions’ (CDs). It basically means that we very quickly and easily distort what we are seeing based on our lens in life. It’s a bit like looking at yourself with the crazy mirrors at the circus.

There are over 50 distortions and a lot of detail to fathom, so Matthew Cooksey, a psychotherapist, and I have condensed them into 10 groups based on what we typically see as thinking patterns that prevent people from seeing things as they are.  I call them – The Board of Directors in your head, or the BOD’s.

We have all been programmed to think a certain way based on our upbringing, education, race, religion, and personal beliefs and experiences. These influences then distort how we view the world, people and situations. If you think you are blinker-free and immune to the BODs because you know best then you may fall into the ‘Always Right’ BOD. Just sayin’.

If you want to know more about the ‘Board of Directors’ that live in your head’ and how they affect your relationships and decision making come along to my upcoming online session on Oct 17th ‘Understanding the Board of Directors that live in your head. ’ You can check it out here.