Why you want me working with your Board

This is an unapologetic plug! I am proud.

I am on a mission to help Boards be at their best. For the business and for each other. And here are 10 reasons why I would be an asset to helping your Board be at its best.

  1. I am financially literate. I was initially an Accountant. That was my study and training. I love the numbers and I see the direct correlation of how they affect a business.
  2. I’ve designed and run board meetings. I’ve designed and facilitated offsites to work through complex problems and cultivate a ‘working as one’ culture. 
  3. I know how to set a strategy and create a dashboard to measure success. I’ve worked with hundreds of leadership teams to help them become successful.
  4. I know how to measure culture, most Boards don’t, I do.
  5. I can resolve conflict, within the board or the leadership team. I’ve written 4 books on feedback and culture. This is my jam.
  6. I know how to solve complex problems with a small or large group of people.
  7. I know how to set up highly accountable cultures so we get s*&t done. I’ve done it many times over. It requires bravery. Not everyone is up for it.
  8. I’ve worked in and with public and private organisations. I’ve worked with all disciplines. I’ve led teams and businesses. I get, and appreciate, the complexity and nuances of people and business.
  9. I bring great energy to the room. We don’t have to be serious to get serious stuff done. 
  10. And I’ve just finished the AICD program and I am charged and ready to go.

Can we talk?