Why your offsites are a lil’ off

I bloody love facilitating offsites. I love how it feels different. More exciting. Like something magic might happen.

Until it doesn’t.

We fall back into old patterns of content overload, talking at people and the loudest voices winning.

Getting people together has now become something special. And we need to treat it this way. This is a time to connect, debate and problem solve. Not data dump, argue and not speak up.

It’s also very costly. These are often the most senior leaders on the biggest salary packages. For 2-3 days not working with their teams or clients. We are looking at around $85K in salaries plus flights, accom and food. And that doesn’t include activities or the opportunity cost of not being with customers and their teams. We want to make sure we are getting the return on investment, right?

So what do we need to consider when designing these awesome times together? I’m glad you asked. Here are my non-negotiables.

  1. SOLVE

What do you want to solve? Not what is the theme. That’s arse about. Deciding on the theme before the content is planning the wedding without the groom.


Consider what you can ask people to do, read and discuss before. Yep before. So when we come into the room we are discussing, debating and working through together.


We cannot underestimate how important and powerful it is, giving time to talk things through and be with each other. Design for this. Lots of it. It’s an energy drainer online and an energy builder in person. Lots of small group discussions. Lots of mixing them up.

Then let’s NOT do what most senior leadership groups do and fail to cascade the plans and commitments down and across the business thereafter. That’s called a junket.

If you want to know how to make your offsites (or onlines) rock shoot me an email or send me a DM.