Why your training is not transforming

Seth Godin wrote in his blog a couple of weeks ago that mouth to mouth resuscitation is a life-saving technique when someone is in distress. But it’s not scalable. It can only be offered one at a time.

If we are looking to create change, we need to think about sustainable and scalable solutions. Often the training we run, or send people to, we are hoping it will resuscitate our people into outstanding leaders, or evolved humans. It won’t. No matter how good it is.

But why?

Training might keep people engaged in that moment (if it’s good enough) but it’s not what scales change. We need to create many moments, before and after, to facilitate the learning and implementation.

If you are considering spending money on training your people. Do less training content. Focus on 1 or 2 things that are foundational for their success. Then spend time helping them work out how to embed it. Then do the next.

Otherwise you are throwing your money against the wall. Let’s not do that.

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