Your perspective doesn’t count … that much

Oh gaud.  How many people have already got their back up at this statement?  How dare you tell me that my perspective isn’t important?!  That’s not what I’m saying.  What I’m saying is that how you see things doesn’t give you perspective.  It just gives you an opinion.

We climb a mountain to get a better perspective of our environment.  We sit in others’ shoes to see things differently. We are told to ‘broaden our horizons’ or ‘sit above the situation’.  Gaining perspective is about gaining an unbiased view.  So you can see things from all angles – which can often be the opposite of yours.

A while ago, someone (I’m sorry to say I can’t recall who) made a statement that really resonated with me.  He or she said that; ‘Perspective is only relevant when you have a thousand people in the room’.  You know what.  I thought about that.  A lot.

How many times do we tell kids that they are lucky to be living in Australia and they roll

their eyes.  “Yeah, yeah Mum” they say.  But then think about the first time you travelled to a third world country and how your perspective changed.

So many of us say to others; ‘Well from my perspective’ or ‘Well that’s my perspective and I’m entitled to it’.  Yeah you completely are.  But if you hold on to it as THE perspective then you are just pig headed.

When we are closed to others’ perspective, what we hear is opposition.

When we are open to other’s perspective, what we learn is wisdom.

A flawed perspective is like a flat tyre.  You can’t get very far with it.

The scientific description of perspective is the art of seeing a three-dimensional object on a two-dimensional surface.  So it gives you the right impression of height, depth, width and position compared to other things around it.  Keep in mind it’s an illusion.

Imagine if we saw other people’s opinions in this way?  That we need to gather lots of them to truly understand.  I reckon that’s where creativity thrives and relationships deepen.

So next time you want perspective – get out of your shoes and ask LOTS of people what they think.  Then you might get close.