Your small decisions make a big difference!

I’ve just finished reading The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. I’ve been totally inspired and, also reminded of how every single decision, action or conversation makes a difference. Bigger than you think.

It is so easy to discount the effect of one small action.  After all they are only the 1%’ers. They feel so small and insignificant in the scheme of things that we believe they won’t make much of a difference.  It’s only one chocolate bar, it’s only skipping one gym class, I only spoke about them behind their back once.  You get the gist.  They are miniscule.

Yes, they are small and seemingly minor.  Yet these 1%’ers add up.  If we made one small poor decision a day, when we get to the end of the year we have made 365 small decisions that add up to 365%.  Now that’s significant.  For those statisticians out there, don’t get all technical on me.  It’s 1 + 1 + 1… eventually makes 365 of them.

Whether we make small decisions for the benefit of ourselves, or not.

It reminds me of the quote doing the rounds on social media; ‘It takes ten years for someone to be an overnight success’ or from Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers, it takes 10,000 hours for someone to become an expert.  Every minute, hour, day counts.  It’s when we think the small things don’t make a difference we are giving ourselves an out.

Everything counts.

Even when it comes to collaborating with those more challenging individuals, making the decision to breathe and not respond counts.   When you are in a meeting and people are asking for ideas, having the courage to speak up counts.  When you find yourself in a conversation that is gossip, speaking about someone behind their back, choosing to walk away counts.

Every decision and action we make counts.  So, let’s make the 1%’ers count.  They end up defining our long-term path.  If you need encouragement when you sometimes make the poor decisions or actions, learn from Thomas Edison who said that ‘I have not failed. I’ve simply discovered ten thousand ways that don’t work”.  Successful people fail their way to the top!

If you want to learn more 1%’ers that will improve how you lead and inspire others, get yourself a copy of Fixing Feedback.