What to learn from Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso is full of lessons. If you haven’t seen it. Do it. It’s what we all need when we are lugging life along or even when we are not. So basically, it covers the whole of the human race.

Ted is a coach of the football team Richmond in the UK. As an AFL supporter calling soccer football still feels weird but it was called that since 1863 then I reckon they can own it.

Now Ted is one outstanding guy. He is full of love, kindness and such an open mind. These people stand out. Ted stands out. And Ted cops a bit in his role as coach to a poor performing team.

If you were labelled, and publicly called out loud and every day, a ‘wanker’ how would you feel? Like every day. When you walked past strangers, when you ordered a coffee, when you were called it by a full stadium of supporters.

In the early days this became his nickname. It was used to put him down. The supporters were pissed he wasn’t leading his Richmond team to victory. When the team did get some victories under their belt did the name calling stop? Oh no. But it was done more ‘affectionately’. Some would call it toxic positivity.

You know what Ted did when people continued to call him this? He’s say hello, nod in recognition. He’d bat it off. Let it fall off him like a duck with water.

But here’s the kicker for me. It was one day when he was walking down his street, with his boss Rebecca, and a punter said; ‘Hey Wanker’. It seemed somehow affectionate. Rebecca said to Ted; ‘Did he just call you a wanker?’. Ted responds, ‘Yeah but it’s an inside joke. But mainly inside him’.

Ted is smart enough to recognise that when other people name call that’s it’s their stuff. Geez I love this. Can I say I respond like Ted and let it fall off me? No not all the time. But I’m learning more and more.

Who is in your world that you need to recognise has the issue in them, not you? Let’s get our Ted on and move on. After all, the jokes inside them.